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About Company

Tea has a complex positive effect on the body. Daily use of a cup of tea is good for your health.

TEA  – The world’s best beverage

The tea that you are about to taste has made a spectacular journey where a tea leaf travels from tea garden to a brewing kettle, each step along the way will determine the quality of the tea. From the moment a leaf is plucked, its chemistry begins to change rapidly. As tea artisans work their magic to make the finest tea in the world by doing withering, firing, steaming, bruising, oxidizing, drying and sorting. They transform an ordinary object into something truly spectacular. Tretea curates the finest teas of India and crafts them into unique blends which are carefully selected from some of the best tea gardens of Assam, Dooars, Terai and Nillgiri’s.

Our expert Tea Tasters seek out such excellence as they cup thousands of teas and judge their quality. In the tasting room, all of the senses are in play. While the appearance and the aroma of the dry leaf are critical, it is only by evaluating the brewed tea that we can determine its true quality.



TEA – Our Passion

Our passion for tea began in 2015 when we launched a company called Vizag Tea. From those humble beginnings, our company blossomed into TRETEA what it is today, with many specialty teas. Today TRETEA has more than 30 unique flavors. We’re sharing the world’s finest teas with our customers in locations such as Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and many other states and aiming for PAN India Recognitions.


Our TRETEA are staffed with tea enthusiasts dedicated to exploring the world of loose leaf tea with our customers. TRETEA about to open franchise named as Garam Chai carries a selection of more than 100 varieties including Black, Green, Oolong, White, Herbal and Fruit, and ranging in price from just a few rupees per cup all the way up the rarest teas grown exclusively for TRETEA by some of the world’s finest estates.

Drink tea and see

Make things happen, explore distant shores, and most of all, drink tea. The company has been guided by this philosophy since our founders Srinivas Chowdary & Lepakshi turned their dreams of a tea company into a reality in 2022. Likewise, this spirit has underscored the success of Srinivas and his cousin Ramesh in assembling a network of franchise partners, bringing together an independent group of tightly connected tea lovers and tea traders over the course. And even in an era of most competitive world this pioneering set of principles pushed TRETEA to launch a wildly successful tea company. Today, this entrepreneurial fire and experience motivates the education and training of Tea Sommeliers, ambassadors on behalf of tea that are steeped deeply in its ways.

Even though the name is admittedly a bit tricky to pronounce, each day more and more people around the world are becoming fans of TRETEA. They are drawn by an appreciation for tea – a love for the product that finds its way into the heart of new and experienced tea drinkers alike. And here there can be no language barrier, no borders. There is simply joy.

Our success has been built upon the quality of our products and the quality of our people – the expertise of our buyers, the exacting standards of our laboratory team, and the inspired dedication and passion of our employees and franchise partners. With this qualified team on board we will depart for even more distant shores, shores that are far beyond our sight.